Your Experience

Initial Contact

We found each other! Yay!

The Tough Questions

We discuss your budget and expectations! Ideally I’d love for us to meet in person for this step; It’s very important to me that we both understand each other and are on the same page. We’ll also usually nail a date and location down in this conversation.

The Formalities

This is where we determine which package is right for you and I send you my contract. If you’re satisfied with the details, you send me your scheduling fee and your date is BOOKED!

The Master Plan

I honestly love seeing sample images or even Pinboards full of ideas for your session. Images that catch your eye really help me understand your expectations of our time together and give me a clear idea of what shots you’ll love.

The Fun

My favourite part of the process; shooting! Before we begin I’ll collect the balance for the session and then we’ll be off to the races! Relax! If there is something you need/want during the session please feel free to speak up  and let me know! I’m here for you after all!

The Antici–Pation

The waiting game- for you at least! This is easily the toughest part of our relationship. I usually post a sneak-peek 3-5 days after our session. Your session should be completed and on its way to you within two weeks!

The Delivery

By now you’re just as eager to get your photos as I am for you to see them! Your high-resolution images have been loaded onto a USB and have been wrapped carefully to make sure they won’t be damaged in the mail. When you receive the images I always want to know what you think so feel free to e-mail me! A review on my Facebook page is also nice!


The images are finally yours! If you have any special ideas for your images please feel free to let me know! I have all kinds of prints/canvases/books or any other gifts available to order. Your satisfaction will always be important to me.