About Me

The basics

  • Janelle Tkachuk-Kupchenko

  • Vegreville area

  • Natural light photographer

  • Taurus

  • Nikon (mostly)

  • Irrelevent college education

  • Morning person

  • Jane of all, master of none

Have you ever felt lucky? I mean really lucky? Like there is literally no way to describe how fortunate you are to have found yourself in a particular situation? That is how I feel every day waking up as a photographer.


I do not stop photographing simply because there is no camera in my hand.

What I do best:

  • Adaptable: Time constraint? Ok! Sudden weather change? No problem!

  • Being creative: Don’t have a clue what poses you’d like or would look alright? No worries, we’ll figure it out!

  • Outgoing: Don’t worry if you’re shy; I’m not!

  • Flexible: I’m here for you so I always want to hear you input and ideas!

  • Particular: I’m always on the lookout for stray hairs or renegade clothing!

Fun facts

  • I’m almost entirely self taught. I created my logo, the background on this page and my entire website by myself.

  • Despite how much other photograpers love cloudy and overcast days I hate them. Give me bright light and rich sunsets any day.

  • I’m probaby having more fun than you at our session.

  • I like glitter more than is appropriate for a 27 year old.

  • Despite having only been in business for one year, I have fifteen years experience behind the camera.

Why I chose photography

  • I didn’t. It chose me. Actually, it grabbed my hand and whispered run

  • I love creating beautiful things.

  • I love working with people and making them happy.

  • I get to let my “bossy” side out a little bit

  • I am constantly surrounded by art I didn’t have to pay to see

  • It’s easier to struggle at something that makes you happy than it is to struggle at pretending to be happy.

  • My boss is pretty cool

When I’m not photographing I’m:

  • Playing videogames like Harvest Moon or Pokémon.

  • Listening to music that even the hipsters haven’t heard yet.

  • Watching dance videos on Youtube.

  • Being a rebel

  • Playing with my dog Lacey. And when I say playing I mean cuddling.

  • Swearing at my latest Pinterest fail.

  • Praising my latest Pinterest success then Instagramming it.

  • Inventing new #hashtags.

  • Making somebody laugh.